Snow Storm

Yesterday was spent brainstorming and catching up with family and friends. We also did a hefty amount of online research about the paleo diet. It is less of diet and more of lifestyle, but more on that later.

Dobby decided we need to make a coat rack/key rack/dog treat holder as our next project. In the middle of a snow storm, yep, the one where travel was probably not advised, but we ventured out into the frozen tundra. We had to scrape the car literally every single time we went into a store. And this trip wasn’t a quick in and out, we stopped at 5 stores, including the mall (which was half closed, by the way.) Three or four hours later, we found ourselves stuck behind a snow plow crawling home in the dark. Sounds fun, right? Remind me why we still live here..

Along with DIY, we decided it was time to change our lifestyle for the better. The paleo diet is focused on eating like a caveman or cavewomen, anything they could eat, you can eat. No grains, no dairy, and no legumes, but basically any meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and plant based fats are fair game. The idea is that a low carb diet will tap into your fat stores and burn fat instead of a heavy carb load which stores fat. We said goodbye to peanut butter, bread, pasta, brownies, and a whole lot of other delicious foods. But the best part, we can eat when we are hungry and we can eat what we want as long as it fits the guidelines. In addition to losing some unneeded fat, you get a ton of health benefits.

Tonight, was our first night with a complete paleo meal. Pepper crusted pork chops, roasted butternut squash with apples and walnuts, and mashed cauliflower. We modified the recipes a little, substituting maple flavored almond butter for maple syrup and a few other minor changes. Other the meal was actually delicious. Our mashed cauliflower is suppose to mimic mashed potatoes, and I must say with salt and pepper it was really close. I definitely encourage each of you to wander outside of your comfort zone and try some healthier versions of your favorite foods. Check out the recipes below.

We are planning on finishing up some projects tomorrow, and we will post pictures ASAP!

Please stay safe in the first blizzard of the new year and check out our Etsy shop in your spare time.


Check of these recipes!

Snow Storm

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